PARCEM calls for strong leadership

Burundi authorities have to strengthen leadership so as to promote economic growth of the country.

Faustin Ndikumana: "The country cannot develop when there are political conflicts"

Faustin Ndikumana: “The country cannot develop when there are political conflicts”

“Six development indicators-strong leadership included- must be put together to make possible the economic growth of the country. Authorities have to strengthen leadership and encourage inclusiveness for the development of the country,” says Faustin Ndikumana, Chairman of PARCEM, a local NGO for the awakening of conscience and the change of mentality.

He says Burundi’s place in the reports made at either the international or continental level is disappointing. “Burundi is ranked among the poorest countries with a GPD per capita inferior to USD 300 while other countries exceed USD 700,” he says, citing a report recently released by Jeune Afrique.

“The report classified 54 African countries and Burundi was among the last four”.

For this civil society activist, every country has passed through this phase but for a country to step out of poverty, strong leadership is a must. “Burundian authorities have to acknowledge diversity of opinions. They have to avoid any kind of political conflict because a country can’t develop while it is politically unstable”, says Ndikumana.

He calls on all parties (government and opposition) to give up word games and work for the growth of the country’s economy. “Both parties have to learn how to live together and work for the country. It is sad how they keep on accusing one another”, he says.

Ndikumana calls on the government to ensure peace and stability for the country’s development.