PARCEM: “No possible communal development without focus on five trends!”

04-04-2018 Faustin Ndikumana, Chairman of PARCEM, a local organization concerned with the changing of mindset, says the underdevelopment of Burundian communes is due to the lack of competent staff, visible institutional support and strategic directions. He says the priority of the community’s development must focus on five trends namely good (...)

Burundi: PARCEM to lodge an appeal for its three representatives sentenced by Muramvya Court

03-13-2018 Three representatives of local NGO involved in changing people’s mindset (PARCEM) accused of high treason were sentenced of 10 years’ imprisonment and BIF 200.000 each in fine by Muramvya High Court on 8 March. Faustin Ndikumana, PARCEM Chairman says his organization is shocked to hear the sentence pronounced against (...)

PARCEM calls for strong leadership

02-09-2018 Burundi authorities have to strengthen leadership so as to promote economic growth of the country. “Six development indicators-strong leadership included- must be put together to make possible the economic growth of the country. Authorities have to strengthen leadership and encourage inclusiveness for the development of the country,” says Faustin (...)

Good governance activist calls for transparency in mineral exploitation

01-26-2018 Burundi is one of the countries rich in mineral resources. The government has signed contracts with some companies that are going to extract these minerals. PARCEM, a local NGO advocating good governance, worries that the exploitation of these minerals has not created a value-added benefit for the entire population (...)

PARCEM concerned about Burundi alarming economic situation

12-30-2017 The local NGO PARCEM says Burundi is in a critical situation as all reports produced all along 2017 place it in the last position. The organisation says it is up to each and everyone to review their contribution to avoid further chaos. A low ranking, youth unemployment, extreme poverty, (...)

SCOs calls on participants in Arusha session to find lasting solutions

11-23-2017 Following the upcoming session of the Inter-Burundian dialogue which will be held from 27 November to 7 December in Arusha, Faustin Ndikumana,Parcem Chairman says some important points must be discussed. “For instance, the Arusha Agreement which is the strong foundation of the country’s development must be protected”, he says. (...)

Favouritism should be banned in contract issuance, says local NGO

09-26-2017 In a press conference held this Monday, 25th September 2017, PARCEM, a local NGO has said the official and transparent offer of contracts would not be a favour, but a public service. The Authority in charge of regulating contracts (ARMP) says it does its best. Citizens have the right (...)

“Corruption has become routine despite ‘zero tolerance’ policy” says NGO boss

08-28-2017 Seven years after “zero tolerance” was declared on corruption, Faustin Ndikumana, the chairperson of PARCEM, a local civil rights group, says it has become routine. Corruption is part of everyday life in Burundi today, and being corrupt is no longer considered taboo, according to the head of the PARCEM, (...)

Three members of local organization PARCEM are detained

06-27-2017 Members of the local organization Speech and Action for the Awakening of Conscience and Mentality Change (PARCEM) are detained in Bujumbura central prison. The police accuse PARCEM of sending them to destabilize national security. Three PARCEM members who were arrested on 13 and 17 June 2017 were brought to (...)

Burundi risks being deeply in debt

06-21-2017 Since 2014, public national debt is increasing. Today it exceeds BIF 1.200  billions. Parcem, a local NGO aiming at changing people’s mentality is worried about the way the debt is increasing. “The accumulation of this national debt currently represents more than BIF 1.200 billions” said Faustin Ndikumana, Executive Secretary (...)