Over 130 CNL members arrested since beginning of March

More than 130 CNL party members have been arrested and most of them were tortured since the official launch of CNL activities, says the party spokesman.

Aimé Magera: “Since CNL was approved as a political party, there have been many arrests of its members in different parts of the country”.

Aimé Magera, says that there have been many arrests in different parts of the country since the approval of CNL as a new political party. “Over 130 CNL members were arrested since the official opening of CNL activity on March 10, 2019,” he says.

For him, the party members have been tortured, mistreated and jailed for political reasons since its approval on February 14, 2019. “The only reason is to discourage CNL members and the accusations against them are not founded”.

Mr. Magera says the accusation of holding illegal meetings put forth by different administrative and security officials will soon be resolved. “Most of the time, local authorities accuse our members of holding meetings without being recognized by the administration. On Saturday, we will hold a national meeting to set leaders at the national level. We hope that they will not be persecuted any longer”.

CNL spokesman says local authorities should remember that CNL has been approved by the Ministry of the Interior and that its members are free citizens before being CNL members.

Aimé Magera reacts after 6 members of CNL party were arrested and two of them jailed in Muramvya province, in the center of the country.