Aimé Magera


Over 130 CNL members arrested since beginning of March

04-19-2019 More than 130 CNL party members have been arrested and most of them were tortured since the official launch of CNL activities, says the party spokesman. Aimé Magera, says that there have been many arrests in different parts of the country since the approval of CNL as a new (...)

Opposition united against referendum process

02-05-2018 Internal opposition leaders and those in exile met from 26 to 27 January in Nairobi, Kenya. The objective of their meeting was to oppose the constitutional referendum. It’s a race against the clock to make every effort to block the draft constitutional revision. The hour is serious and the (...)

FNL party indicts the Imbonerakure; calls the international community to help

09-05-2016 The party accuses the Imbonerakure of heightening persecutions of its militants in the recent days. A declaration issued on Saturday 3 September, mentions more than 30 FNL militants who were arrested last month while 3 others disappeared in Rural Bujumbura, Cankuzo, Muyinga and Ngozi provinces. The Imbonerakure youth are (...)