Over 130 CNL members arrested since beginning of March

04-19-2019 More than 130 CNL party members have been arrested and most of them were tortured since the official launch of CNL activities, says the party spokesman. Aimé Magera, says that there have been many arrests in different parts of the country since the approval of CNL as a new (...)

Police urge security apparatus to react quickly to stifle mob justice

02-13-2017 The police call on all actors in security to rapidly intervene as reports of vigilante justice cases keep on coming in. “We urge mixed security committees to react quickly to prevent mob justice when criminal incidents occur”, says Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the Burundi National Police. The police spokesman (...)

A software controlling vehicles of private transport is presented

01-05-2016 A software controlling vehicules, drivers and owners has been presented by the Commander of road traffic and security Alfred Museremu in the press release issued today. (...)

Burundi under increased UN scrutiny

11-20-2014 The UN Human Rights Committee published a critical report on the situation in Burundi. The Security Council subsequently discussed the stability in Burundi and the UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide says that Burundi must increase the political space for dialogue “to avert the worst”.-By Lorraine Josiane (...)

Night assaults, a sad reality in Bujumbura

12-04-2013 In several areas of Bujumbura City Council, it is frightening to walk alone during the night because a well-organized gang often attacks people. The gangsters strangle these latter using planks of wood carefully placed on their arms.-Lorraine Josiane Manishatse “It was about 10 O’clock p.m., I was returning home. (...)