Man wounded by bullet fired by police in Rumonge

Sources report that a man was injured by a bullet fired by police in the morning of April 18 in Gitaramuka area, Burambi commune of Rumonge province in the south of Burundi.
The police fired while trying to arrest Audace Ikoriciza. The bullet hit Jervais Ndayajemwo and wounded him on the arm, “say residents of Gitaramuka.

Rumonge city center

The police could not arrest Ikoriciza, who is a member of CNL, an opposition party. He was prosecuted for organizing illegal night meetings. The police later arrested Ikoriciza’s father and a woman living in the same locality whose husband is also suspected of holding illegal meetings, sources on the spot say.

Their families ask for their release arguing that no one can be punished in place of another person according to the Burundian Code of Criminal Procedure. Eight members of CNL party were arrested in this commune within a month.

In a meeting recently held, Juvénal Bigirimana, Governor of Rumonge province urged CNL leaders to introduce the representatives of this party in various areas of Rumonge to him in order to collaborate with the administration. “In this case, CNL representatives will ask local authorities permission to organize meetings,” said Bigirimana.