OLUCOME denounces selling of Japanese donation

The corruption watchdog-OLUCOME says it is deeply concerned about the selling of the rice donation given by Japan to the Government of Burundi.

Gabriel Rufyiri: “Participants must consider the general interests rather than the individual ones”.

Gabriel Rufyiri, president of OLUCOME, says he is concerned by the selling of this donation. “We have been surprised to hear that it will be sold while there are people threatened with hunger in Kirundo province”.

Mr. Rufyiri says this donation should be given to all Burundians and not to a group of people as it was done in the past. “Last time, a donation of rice from the same country was distributed by the government to a group of people who sold it and kept the money for themselves while it should be distributed to the needy population. This is unfair,” he says.

“Even if it could be sold, a commission should be set up to ensure the collected money is used for the benefit of the whole population,” he adds.

Déo guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock says he will collaborate with the Ministry of Finance in selling the given rice to carry out some projects. “The money collected will be used in different projects. For instance, the building of Kajeke dam will be the priority”.

The Embassy of Japan in Burundi gave the donation made of 5716.08 tons of rice which is worth 450 million yens.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Livestock received this donation on February 19, 2019.