Over 80% of fertilizers needed for 2020 B growing season distributed to farmers

03-06-2020 “During this 2020 B growing season, fertilizers needed are estimated at 21, 613, 325 tons. 17, 549,390 tons, i.e. 81.2%, have already been distributed to farmers,” said Déo Guide Rurema Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock at a press conference held on 5 March. He added that 92% (...)

No migratory locusts’ invasion in Burundi, Ministry of Agriculture reassures

02-11-2020 A video showing swarms of locusts lying on trees has been aired on social media. The video producers made people believe that migratory locusts that are destroying crops in some East African countries namely Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia appeared in Gakungwe area in Kabezi commune of Bujumbura province (...)

Government ready to prevent desert locusts from invading Burundi

02-05-2020 Following the invasion of desert locusts in the region since the past few days, the Burundian Ministry in charge of Agriculture reported that different measures have been taken to prevent these locusts from invading the country. Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has said that the (...)

Burundi to harvest over 130,000 tons of coffee in 2020/2021 coffee season

01-30-2020 Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has said the 2020/2021 coffee season is very promising. “We expect to collect 136,792 tons of coffee. A good quality coffee will cost BIF 500 per kg while the poor quality will be sold BIF at 250 per kg”, says (...)

Law banning use of plastic materials to be enforced soon

01-23-2020 With less than a month before the end of the use of non-biodegradable materials, Bujumbura residents continue to use plastic bags widely. Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock claims to be fully prepared for the law enforcement. They say the government has the role to ban plastic materials marketing. (...)

COSSESSONA, union that arrested unionists

01-20-2020 The two representatives of SYGEPEBU and SEPEDUC trade unions are jailed in Bujumbura. The origin of their imprisonment is the resistance of these unions to forcibly join COSSESSONA, the coalition of teachers’ unions. It’s panic among other affiliates… The two unionists, currently in jail, never thought it would take (...)

Over 50% of Burundian children under five to be suffering from chronic malnutrition

01-16-2020 “54.2% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition,” said Thaddée Ndikumana, Burundi Minister of Health while presenting a donation given by the World Bank to improve the health of children before parliamentarians this Wednesday. Mr Ndikumana has said 3.7% of children under the age of (...)

Persistent fall in foreign currencies causes concerns

12-16-2019 The foreign currency stock keeps tumbling down. The Burundi National Bank-BRB explains that this decrease is caused by the decrease in external donations. According to an expert, the current level of currencies reveals that the country’s economy is in danger. He calls on the state to ask for an (...)
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Kahawatu innovates and extends its actions

11-22-2019 In order to increase coffee production in quantity and quality, Kahawatu launched on Thursday, 7 November 2019, the activities of the Burundi Coffee Alliance (BCA) project in the area where Green Coffee (Greenco) operates. “The project aims at increasing the production of coffee in terms of quantity and quality, (...)

Afforestation situation in Burundi alarming, environmentalist warns

11-15-2019 “The 2020 forecast says Burundi has a deficit of 3,325,000 cubic meters of woods. That is to say, Burundi would have 1,031,000 ha of forest in 2020, which corresponds to 38.81% of the Burundi area,” warns Jacques Nkengurutse, an environmental expert. It was in a workshop organized on November (...)