Human Rights activists diverge on OHCHR closing doors in Burundi

Lambert Nigarura, human rights activist says the Human Rights don’t have any place in Burundi. “ As the office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has closed for good is a proof that Burundi continues to be isolated from the  world.”  He has said this after the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights announced, on 4 March that, it closed its doors in Burundi after the latter requested it three months ago. . Burundi government had suspended all activities of the office in 2016.

Hamza Venant Burikukiye: “It’s an extra office in Burundi”

According to Nigarura, the office was established in Burundi when there were serious violations of Human Rights in the country. “The office contributed much to the promotion of Human Rights since 1995, even during the 2015 crisis by visiting different dungeons of the country”, he says adding that OHCHR agents identified all human rights violations.

Nigarura says it is a great loss to Burundians. He also says the office team leaves the country when the latter is still needed for its help. “We are experiencing human rights violations  spreading out on social media, some people need to be educated on the respect of human rights’, he says. He, however, says the international community should keep an eye on Burundi.

Hamza Venant Burikukiye, Spokesperson for PISC Burundi Platform says it is not a surprise for him. “I have been expecting its close down since long ago”, he says adding that the OHCHR is an extra office in Burundi. For him, the national mechanisms implemented in that domain in the country should continue following closely the human rights situation. He also says there are other UN agencies that should shed lights on the prevailing human rights. He refers to UNICEF, OCCHA…

Burikukiye says if Burundi government has decided to suspend all relations with OHCHR, it means that the office hasn’t anything to do in Burundi. “The most important is to have close ties with other UN agencies operating in Burundi”, he says.