Employees concerned over merging of SOBUGEA with AIR Burundi

Hamisi Hakizimana, Chairman of the Union of SOBUGEA employees says they are waiting for the new government guidelines.

Hamisi Hakizimana: “We fear that some employees will lose their jobs”

“We don’t know if all employees will continue to work within SOBUGEA Company or lose their jobs after its merging with AIR Burundi,” he says.

Mr Hakizimana also says some employees from Air Burundi and SOBUGEA Companies have bank credits that they must reimburse. “We fear that employees will lose their job,” he says.
During the meeting held on May 27, the Council of Ministers analyzed a proposal for the restructuring and recovery strategy of Air Burundi Company and the improvement of the performance of SOBUGEA, a national company offering cargo and other airport services.

“Air Burundi and SOBUGEA offer similar services. The cabinet found it would be better if they merged to improve the airport services,” said Prosper Ntahorwamiye, Spokesman for the Burundian government.

He also said the government would provide 51% of the capital and is looking for another company to provide 49% of the remaining capital.