Victims of “Kuwinterekwa” flooding in despair

12-24-2019 The victims of the torrential rains that hit “Kuwinterekwa” and Nyabagere neighborhoods in the north of Bujumbura city in the night of December 21 are now sheltered at Kuwinterekwa” basic school. They fear the worst if nothing is done urgently. The situation is still deplorable. On 23 December, streets (...)

Ravine threatens houses and infrastructure in Gisyo neighborhood

11-28-2019 Residents of Gisyo neighborhood are worried about the collapse of the gutter that channels the runoff from Kanyosha urban area of Muha commune in the south of Bujumbura City. This gutter has become a deep ravine. Several houses have already been washed away by the ravine and a high (...)

Heavy rain causes damage in Mugongo-Manga

11-28-2019 More than ten students from Nyarushanga fundamental school in Mugongo-Manga commune of Bujumbura province have been seriously injured due to a strong wind and a very heavy rain that hit the locality in the night of November 27. “One of them has been transferred to Bujumbura city and five (...)

Afforestation situation in Burundi alarming, environmentalist warns

11-15-2019 “The 2020 forecast says Burundi has a deficit of 3,325,000 cubic meters of woods. That is to say, Burundi would have 1,031,000 ha of forest in 2020, which corresponds to 38.81% of the Burundi area,” warns Jacques Nkengurutse, an environmental expert. It was in a workshop organized on November (...)

Mpimba River threatens Musaga III fundamental school and its surroundings

11-06-2019 Musaga III Basic School located in the south of the Burundian economic capital Bujumbura is gradually collapsing due to a raging torrent of Mpimba River water. The school leaders and the surrounding inhabitants raise the alarm. The concrete wall which used to protect the banks of Mpimba River has (...)

Mubone garbage dump threatens locals

10-24-2019 On both sides of the street leading to Mubone garbage dump located in Mubone neighborhood in Buterere area in the north of Bujumbura city, there is a swarm of flies above the garbage which emits nauseating smell and flowing rainwater mixed with garbage. The local population fear to contract (...)

Burundi government committed to revitalizing coffee sector

10-16-2019 Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has said experts from the government and the World Bank have conducted an audit and discovered that stakeholders in the coffee sector didn’t work in transparency. “There were serious problems related to the good management and repatriation of foreign currencies (...)

Illegal dump causes fear among Buyenzi residents

09-25-2019   Despite the spread of cholera disease in Bujumbura city, illegal dumps are observed in some neighborhoods of Bujumbura city, particularly in Buyenzi. Residents fear to contract cholera. A huge pile of various kinds of waste overlooks the 8th Avenue of Buyenzi area of ​​Mukaza commune in central Bujumbura. (...)

Heavy rain causes material damage in northwestern Burundi

09-13-2019 At least 100 houses were destroyed due to torrential rain that hit Mugina commune of Cibitoke province in northwestern Burundi in the afternoon of September 12. Local administration calls on the population to help each other. A torrential rain mixed with strong winds fell yesterday afternoon in Mugina commune (...)

Ntahangwa River to be given another direction

09-03-2019 Since August 22nd, the Burundian Ministry Of Environment in collaboration with that of Public Works and Territory Development has been conducting activities to give a new direction to the Ntahangwa River. “We are conducting these activities to solve the problems the river causes in the nearby localities,” says Marc (...)