Ravine threatens houses and infrastructure in Gisyo neighborhood

Residents of Gisyo neighborhood are worried about the collapse of the gutter that channels the runoff from Kanyosha urban area of Muha commune in the south of Bujumbura City. This gutter has become a deep ravine. Several houses have already been washed away by the ravine and a high school risks collapsing.

Gisyo ravine constitutes a threat to several houses

“The shores of this ravine have gradually widened for more than 5 years. A house that was erected here has already collapsed. Its owner relocated, “says Jean Claude Bucumi, a resident of Gisyo who shows other homes threatened with the collapse.

Bucumi indicates that the inhabitants of Gisyo had tried to stabilize the banks of this ravine, but they failed. “The shores of the ravine continue to collapse and several houses, public infrastructure, the cemetery and the secondary school located near the ravine are about to collapse,” he worries.

Bucumi calls on the government to stabilize the shores of this ravine as soon as possible arguing that it is expanding rapidly. “When it rains, we cannot sleep for fear that our houses would collapse,” says Bucumi.
Marc Nigarura, the chief of Gisyo neighborhood is aware of this problem. He says he has submitted this problem to the empowered authorities, “We are waiting for the answer,” says Gisyo chief.