Mubone garbage dump threatens locals

On both sides of the street leading to Mubone garbage dump located in Mubone neighborhood in Buterere area in the north of Bujumbura city, there is a swarm of flies above the garbage which emits nauseating smell and flowing rainwater mixed with garbage. The local population fear to contract diseases due to lack of hygiene.

Mubone dump is full of rubbish

It has become virtually impossible to travel to Mubone neighborhood since the street leading to that locality is impassable. There are piles of garbage thrown around everywhere.

The dump is full of garbage. The trucks of the company in charge of removing garbage in various areas of Bujumbura unload waste on the street and near the houses built around. The inhabitants of this locality complain about this situation.

“The garbage is now thrown in our households and in plots in the neighborhood,” says P.N, a resident living in the vicinity of this dump adding that it is not the first time that such a situation occurs.

The road connecting Mubone neighborhood to Buterere area has become impassable following the rubbish thrown into it. “When it rains, our children don’t go to school,” he adds.

Jacqueline Muhizi, another resident of Mubone locality says that the chief of Mubone neighborhood last week prevented trucks from unloading unloading garbage in the streets but police officers opposed his decision. “They unloaded the waste in the street and left without any worry,” she says.

Mubone resident are afraid of contracting some diseases, especially cholera. “They ask us to fight against cholera while they throw waste in our households,” says one of them.

She urges the government to relocate the dump to a larger area and away from the households. Iwacu contacted officials of Bujumbura city to react to this situation but to no avail.