Heavy rain causes material damage in northwestern Burundi

At least 100 houses were destroyed due to torrential rain that hit Mugina commune of Cibitoke province in northwestern Burundi in the afternoon of September 12. Local administration calls on the population to help each other.

A house destroyed by a heavy rain in Kabezi commune

A torrential rain mixed with strong winds fell yesterday afternoon in Mugina commune of Cibitoke province in the north west of Burundi.

About 100 houses were destroyed, a child was seriously injured, the electricity was cut off and a few crop fields were damaged.

“Yesterday evening, my relative came where I was working to tell me that my two houses were destroyed and that the house fell on my youngest son and he was in a critical condition,” says Japhet Nteziryayo, a parent whose child is currently admitted to Cibitoke hospital.

He indicates that all the household equipment was damaged by the floods.

Since yesterday afternoon, inhabitants of Mugina commune have no electricity following an electric pole that fell down.
As a result, some activities are suspended due to lack of power.

“I have not been working since yesterday following the blackout caused by the heavy rain that poured down in the afternoon, “says a hairdresser.

He believes the situation is unbearable. “Our houses are destroyed, our property damaged and we are forced to suspend our income generating activities. What will become of our families?” wonders the hairdresser.

Jean Claude Irambona, administrative and social affairs advisor to the Administrator of Mugina commune, calls on the population to help each other.

He also asks humanitarian organizations to assist the victims urging the company distributing water and electricity (REGIDESO) to immediately solve the power cut caused by the heavy rain to allow the population to go about their daily activities.

“We fear that the electric wires which fell and are still on the ground may cause fatal accidents,” says Irambona.