Senate asks European Union to resume cooperation with Burundi government

The Burundian Senate adopted on 28 August the resolution in response to the resolution of the European Parliament adopted on 5 July on Burundi. The Burundian Senate accuses the European Parliament of not considering remarkable improvement of the political, social and security situation in the country.

Burundi senators attending an ordinary session

Burundi senators attending an ordinary session

According to the Burundian Senate, various partners who have visited Burundi have greatly appreciated the evolution of the current situation in the country. It invites the European parliament to come to Burundi to see the real situation. The Burundi Senate calls on the European Union to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Burundi with a view to resuming its cooperation with the institutions of the Republic of Burundi.

In the resolution of 5 July, the European Parliament expressed its deep concern over persistent human rights violations, including extra-judiciary killings, torture, enforced disappearances and arbitrary detentions. It reiterated its support for the decision of the European Union to suspend its direct aid to the Government of Burundi. It also called on the EU to put an end to any additional payments to Burundian troops and various Burundi contingents engaged in peacekeeping missions of the United Nations and the African Union. The European Parliament called on the Burundian government to create a favorable climate to hold credible and transparent elections in 2020 by providing free political spaces, allowing human right defenders to express their opinion and promoting press freedom.

The EU decided to suspend direct financial aid to Burundi following the political violence committed in the country when the latter plunged into crisis in April 2015 after President Pierre Nkurunziza announced officially his candidacy in 2015 elections.