Mukaza High Court to reopen hearing over Interbank Burundi case

In a verdict announced on July 15th, Mukaza High Court has decided to reopen the hearing about the case opposing the Government of Burundi and Interbank Burundi-IBB on “illegal” foreign currency transactions between the latter and Trust Merchant Bank-TMB.

Interbank Burundi is accused of having made an illegal foreign currency transaction with TMB

According to Mukaza High Court, Trust Merchant Bank (TMB), a bank operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo has not yet taken part in the case as a civil party and has to give documents proving that it has often received foreign currencies from IBB since 2014.

“Burundi Central Bank-BRB must appear to give clarifications concerning the banking operations at the time of the inflow and outflow of foreign currency by the banks,” says the court, adding that IBB must bring the documents given by BRB which authorized it to transfer foreign currency to a bank operating in the DRC.

The BRB report of July 11th also approved the authenticity of IBB facts but that the breach resides in the content of the letter D1/1697/2015 regarding the withdrawal of cash, according to the court.
Referring to the recent hearings, “the Public Prosecutor’s Office accuses Interbank Burundi of violating the exchange regulations,” says the court adding that IBB categorically denies the facts against it. The bank also argues that it acts legally and presents different facts which justify the legality of the transaction it made.

The case was taken to court by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions after two DRC citizens, namely Mbua Eboma César, a TMB agent and his colleague were caught with $1, 5million at Gatumba boarder post on their way to the DRC.
Questioned, the two people said they withdrew that money from Interbank Burundi.

Mukaza High Court adds that the two DRC citizens fell in an ambush of armed robbers at the border in which $190,000 was stolen and one person was killed.