Égide Harerimana

World Bank gives $30 million to fund Burundi Nkuriza project

While signing a funding agreement with the Ministry of Finances, Budget and Economic Development this September 19th, the Operation Director of World Bank for Burundi has said $30 million will fund the project “Childhood and demographic control” called Nkuriza in Burundi. “This fund expresses the will of the World Bank to support the government of […] (...)

People with disabilities encounter several challenges in Burundi education

At a workshop on access to inclusive education for people living with disabilities, these latter say they are faced with social and school discrimination along with lack of materials and infrastructures in Burundi. “We are sometimes frightened to death because of our skin color,” says Moise Nkengurutse, Chairman of the Burundian Organization of Albinos adding […] (...)

Illegal salt still sold at markets in Bujumbura city

Despite having been banned by the Ministry of Trade, some kinds of salt namely “Chumvi Mawe” and “Chumvi safi” are still sold by some traders at Bujumbura City Market and Cotebu market located in the north of Bujumbura. At Cotebu market, some traders say they no longer get Chumvi Mawe and Chumvi Safi salt from […] (...)

Burundi still faces challenges in health sector, says Second Vice President

While opening the national conference on health this September 16th, the Burundian Second Vice President has said Burundi is faced with some challenges in health sector despite the step that it has so far made. Joseph Butore, Burundi Second Vice President says the progression of non-communicable diseases as well as epidemics still present challenges in […] (...)

The Red Cross to improve first aid services in Burundi

On the occasion of the World First Aid Day celebrated yearly on September 14th, the Red Cross Burundi has said there is a need to improve first aid services in the country. Anselme Katiyunguruza, Secretary General of the Red Cross in Burundi says first aid services are not enough in the country. “If there are […] (...)

Gasenyi II basic school experiences serious lack of desks

At Gasenyi II Basic School located in Gihosha zone of Ntahangwa commune in the north of Bujumbura, pupils in many classes sit on the floor while studying. Six classrooms at Gasenyi II Basic School have no single desk. Some others have very few desks compared to the high number of pupils. Seating on the floor […] (...)

Ministry of education to prevent linguistic interference in basic school

This September 11th, the spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training has said the basic school young learners may experience linguistic interference as they learn four languages at the same time. “Teaching four languages at the same time in the first years of basic school may hinder the children’s knowledge development as […] (...)

Ministry of Trade deplores increase in price of cement

At a press conference held this September 10th, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism has denounced a considerable increase in price of cement made by Burundi Cement Company-BUCECO since the past few days. Jean Marie Niyokindi, Burundi Minister of Trade has said a cement bag which should be sold at BIF 24,500 is currently […] (...)

Over 780 families from Kigeri locality stage sit-in before Ombudsman’s office

More than 780 families from Kigeri locality of Ntahangwa commune in the north Bujumbura city have held a sit-in before the office of the Burundian Ombudsman this September 9th. They say the government is forcing them to leave their plots of land. At 10 a.m., hundreds of adult and young people gather near the office […] (...)

Over 130 certificates awarded by Gitega American Corner

At least 130 certificates have been issued to young and adult people who were trained on computer literacy, entrepreneurship and English by American Corner of Gitega this September 6th. Ceremonies started with traditional dances, song performance, poetry and slams done in Kirundi, French and English languages. Abbas Mbazumutima who represented Iwacu Press Group in the […] (...)