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CNC appreciates positively media work in last three months

During the presentation of the achievements of the last three months this October 18th, the Chairman of Burundi Media Regulator-CNC has said media worked in compliance with the law despite some slight mistakes. “In general, we have realized that different media in Burundi work in accordance with the law and in a professional way,” says […] (...)

High number of Burundian children don’t master reading, says PAADESCO coordinator

In the context of the celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty this October 17th, the PAADESCO project coordinator has said 42% of children under ten are not good at reading both in Kirundi and foreign languages. Béatrice Samandari, National Coordinator of the project aiming to support the improvement of learning at […] (...)

Fontaine Isoko to support Burundi government over New Deal agreement

At a workshop held this October 16th, the Chairperson of Fontaine Isoko-a local NGO has said the latter will support the government to implement New Deal to improve the development and peace policies for countries affected by conflicts. “We are waiting for instructions and recommendations to support the government in monitoring the New deal agreement […] (...)

Burundian rural women confronted with several problems

In the framework of the celebration of the International Day of Rural Women, Burundian women living in Muyira locality in Kanyosha municipality of Bujumbura province say poverty in households and lack of capital to run their own businesses are among the many problems they are faced with in their daily lives. At 10 a.m. in […] (...)

Traders in Bujumbura city report shortage of cement

Traders in “Quartier Asiatique” neighborhood of Bujumbura city say they face the scarcity of cement since last week. They deplore the lack of foreign currencies to import it. At 9 a.m. in Quartier Asiatique of Bujumbura city, construction materials such as irons, metal sheets, etc. can be seen in some stores where cement also used […] (...)

Burundian police to conduct more searches to secure 2020 elections

During the presentation of the ministry’s achievements for the last three months this October 10th, the Minister of Public Security has said the police will continue to carry out searches all over the country to make sure the 2020 elections are held in safety. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Burundian Minister of Security says “special attention will […] (...)

Burundi: Bureaux de change face shortage of foreign currencies

While discussing the new regulations of the Central Bank on foreign exchange this October 9th, owners of foreign currency exchange offices in Burundi have said they suffer the shortage of foreign currencies. “Our clients do not get foreign currencies because we do not have enough of them,” says Alexandre Nsabimana, Representative of the owners of […] (...)

Media made several mistakes in 2018 referendum vote, says Communication Ministry

In a meeting with media officials, CENI and CNC on October 8th, the Ministry of Communication and Media has said broadcast of hatred messages and political militancy during the 2018 referendum vote are among many other mistakes that were made by media and journalists. “Some journalists did not go on field to cover the elections […] (...)

CEPI in Bujumbura city to establish inclusive communal electoral commissions

In the meeting with political parties, religious denominations and civil societies in Bujumbura city this October 7th, the chairman of the Provincial Independent Electoral Commission (CEPI) in the economic capital of Burundi has asked the former to bring their candidates for communal commissions until October 11th. “We will accept applications for communal electoral commissions from […] (...)

First blind student to access higher education says he faces several challenges

On the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Blind People, Daniel Ntiranyibagira, the first blind student to study at the university says the lack of materials for studies and money for daily survival is among the many challenges he is faced with. Daniel Ntiranyibagira, Chairman of the Association of Blind people in Burundi […] (...)


Lawyers of Iwacu news reporters appeal to Ntahangwa appeal Court

11-05-2019 |   Comments Off on Lawyers of Iwacu news reporters appeal to Ntahangwa appeal Court