Commercial banks make currency exchanges under strict conditions

02-18-2020 All currency exchange offices have been closed since February 15 following the measure taken on 11 February by Jean Ciza, Governor of Burundi Central Bank. He accuses foreign exchange dealers of violating the current currency exchange regulations. Only commercial banks are allowed to deal with foreign currencies. This measure (...)

OLOCUME disagrees with BRB decision to close forex offices

02-13-2020 Gabriel Rufyiri, Chairman of a corruption watchdog-OLUCOME says the decision taken by the Burundi Central Bank-BRB doesn’t provide any solution to the problem of the lack of foreign currencies in Burundi. He says the country faces a major challenge since financial partners reduced their support to the government in (...)

Economy expert concerned over closure of all forex offices

02-12-2020 Jean Prosper Niyoboke, expert in economy says the decision taken by Burundi Central Bank to close all foreign currency offices will have no impact on the Burundian economy if the government is ready to supply enough foreign currencies as the forex offices did to satisfy their clients. “The exchange (...)

Burundi Central Bank closes all foreign currency exchange offices

02-11-2020 Jean Ciza, Governor of Burundi Central Bank says foreign currency exchange offices didn’t respect the rules set for foreign exchange rate. “The foreign currency dealers bought dollars but they rarely supplied them to the clients,” says Mr. Ciza. He also says foreign currency dealers didn’t use BUREX, the software (...)

Little interest in foreign currency trade in Bujumbura city

02-07-2020 Some foreign currency dealers have temporarily suspended their daily activities in Bujumbura city. H.M, one of the exchange dealers says the demand of foreign currency is very low these days. “Our clients only look for BIF,” he says. Diomède Nduwayo, another dealer says the cost of the dollar has (...)

Learning level decreases in Burundi, parents are worried

01-25-2020 “The learning level is gradually decreasing in Burundi schools,” worries Edouard Ndikumasabo, the national representative of parents. It was on the occasion of the International Education Day celebrated on 24 January each year. He refers to the success rate of 14% in the national test of 2019. Ndikumasabo believes (...)

Over 50% of Burundian children under five to be suffering from chronic malnutrition

01-16-2020 “54.2% of children under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition,” said Thaddée Ndikumana, Burundi Minister of Health while presenting a donation given by the World Bank to improve the health of children before parliamentarians this Wednesday. Mr Ndikumana has said 3.7% of children under the age of (...)

Only Burundi Central Bank to buy and sell gold

11-27-2019 The Minister of Energy and Mines has banned any gold business in the country. Only Burundi Central Bank is allowed to buy and sell gold. A local corruption watchdog applauds the decision but doubts its implementation. “The purchase and sale of gold by shop counters is now suspended,” said (...)

BRB threatens to sanction foreign exchange offices

11-15-2019 “Exchange offices must comply with the rates set by the central bank,” says Prosper Ngendanganya, Director of Supervision, Financial Stability and Financial Inclusion in Burundi Central Bank –BRB. He says the decision has been taken after a meeting organized between the central bank and shareholders of exchange offices this (...)

MPs concerned over young people going to foreign countries

10-29-2019 During the plenary session held at the National Assembly this Monday, October 28, MPs have suggested that the ministry in charge of youths establish a legal institution in charge of following closely young people in foreign countries as they are often mistreated. MP Ibrahim Uwizeye has said young people (...)