AU Commission condemns attack on AMISOM troops

09-17-2019 Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairman for the African Union Commission strongly condemned the attack perpetrated against the Burundian contingent of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in Hirshabelle region on 14 September 2019. In a statement issued on 16 September, Moussa Faki Mahamat said the attack caused a number (...)

Burundi First Vice President calls for ‘ceasefire’ over political intolerance

08-23-2019 In a meeting with leaders of political parties and provincial governors on August 22nd, the Burundian First Vice President has called on leaders of political parties to promote peace and the administration to be neutral. “We call for a ceasefire. Leaders of political parties should promote peace to avoid (...)

CNL party member killed and four wounded in Muyinga, Police say

08-21-2019 At least one member of the National Congress for Freedom (CNL) was killed and eight others wounded in an ambush staged by armed people. The incident took place in the night of 18 August in Rugari area in Muyinga commune of Muyinga province in northeastern Burundi. CNL party officials (...)

Mukaza High Court to reopen hearing over Interbank Burundi case

07-18-2019 In a verdict announced on July 15th, Mukaza High Court has decided to reopen the hearing about the case opposing the Government of Burundi and Interbank Burundi-IBB on “illegal” foreign currency transactions between the latter and Trust Merchant Bank-TMB. According to Mukaza High Court, Trust Merchant Bank (TMB), a (...)

One person seriously wounded by people armed with machetes in southern Bujumbura

08-31-2018 Gilbert Bankuwunaze ran into an ambush staged by unidentified people armed with machetes and clubs when he was going home on foot. They wounded him on the head and mouth. The incident occurred in the night of August 29 around 11 pm in Kibenga neighborhood, Muha Commune in south (...)

Burundi: Man shot dead in north of Bujumbura

06-08-2018 It was around 8:00 p.m. this 7 June when residents of Ngagara neighborhood in Ntahangwa urban commune of the capital Bujumbura heard shootings in the area. Vincent Barisharije, a taxi driver ran into an ambush laid by two bandits along “Buconyori” boulevard. According to eyewitnesses, the attackers threatened him (...)

Governor of Bubanza narrowly escaped from ambush

08-16-2017 The Governor of Bubanza ran into an ambush staged by unidentified armed people in the evening of Tuesday 15 August. The incident took place in Gihanga Commune along Bujumbura-Cibitoke road, in the west of Burundi. Police say no one was killed or injured in the attack. Gunfire was heard (...)

Three Burundi peacekeepers in Somalia injured in ambush

02-07-2017 Colonel Gaspard Baratuza, Burundi Army spokesperson, says the Islamist group “El-Shaabab” has ambushed the Burundian peacekeeping troops’ convoy in Somalia, this 7 February in the afternoon. He also says three Burundian peacekeeping troops have been seriously injured and evacuated to hospital for treatment. “Others have been immediately treated on (...)

The Army Chief of Staff survived an assassination attempt

09-25-2015 It was like a thunderbolt when the news spread in the morning on Friday, 11 September. A team of men fully armed and dressed in military fatigues had ambushed the vehicle of General-Major Prime Niyongabo and his escort on the Rumonge National Road RN3. By Abbas Mbazumutima and Dieudonné (...)