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Burundi owes debts to EAC and other organizations, says First Deputy President

During the presentation of the achievements accomplished by 10 ministries under the authority of the First Deputy President at the National Assembly, this 21 February, MPs have raised some concerns about the partnership between Burundi and other organizations including the East African Community.

Gaston Sindimwo: “Burundi owes over USD 10 billion to EAC

Pascal Nyabenda, Speaker of the National Assembly wanted to know the exact amount that Burundi owes to the East African Community. “We always heard that Burundi has a debt to the EAC community. Is there any policy that the government has adopted to follow how the debt will be paid so that Burundi can be respected like other countries?” he asked to Gaston Sindimwo, First Deputy President.

Gaston Sindimwo said that Burundi only owes over USD 10 million to the East African Community and that it owes debts to other organizations. “Burundi has a debt to the East African community amounting to USD 10,676,855. Indeed, we have many other debts to different organizations to which Burundi belongs”, he says.

In December 2018, the East African Community classed Burundi as the second country to owe a lot of money to the community after South Sudan. It is reported to owe over USD 11 billion. EAC has warned countries that would not have paid their debts before the end of the year to be punished.