Rwasa’s new party approved

The Ministry of Home Affairs has just approved the National Congress for Liberty, a new political party chaired by Agathon Rwasa, First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

Agathon Rwasa, current leader of the opposition coalition “Amizero y’Abarundi” says he appreciates the decision taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs. “We are now allowed to engage in politics without fearing anything. We have persecuted for many years”, he deplores.

Mr. Rwasa says he will meet his followers to set up party boards and prepare for the 2020 elections.
He calls upon his followers to be more patriotic and contribute to the country’s development in the strict respect of between them and other people.

He also says his party doesn’t intend to exclude any person. “Even those from the coalition of independents should join us. CNL party has been created for all Burundians,” he says.

On 26 September 2018, Agathon Rwasa had submitted the demand for the agreement of his new political party-National Font for Liberty- FNL Amizero y’Abarundi to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Jacques Bigirimana, chairman of the National Liberation Forces accused him of stealing his party, an allegation which was dismissed by the concerned. Shortly after, the Ministry of Home Affairs rejected his request.

On 12 September, about his 500 supporters from all provinces of the country met with this historical opponent to create the new political party.

A few days ago, Agathon Rwasa also confirmed his participation in the 2020 elections

In September 2006, FNL signed a peace deal with the government. In June 2010, Rwasa went into hiding, claiming he was facing arrest for allegedly destabilizing the country.

However, Burundi’s Attorney General had stated that there was no arrest warrant for Rwasa. In July 2015, he was elected as the First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly