MPs debated extradition agreement between EAC member states

Burundian MPs have adopted on this November 15 a bill that Burundi government has to ratify regarding the protocol of the East African Community on peace and security. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security explains that the protocol will allow EAC member states to collaborate in the arrest and extradition of criminals.

Burundian MPs attending a plenary session

Burundian MPs attending a plenary session

“If countries did not sign the conventions to fight crimes together, a citizen cannot be pursued by another country that is not their own,” says Bunyoni while explaining that through the protocol, if a Burundian commits a crime in any country, he will be prosecuted by Burundian justice in collaboration with the country in which he committed the crime.

Bosco Muhungu, an MP elected in the ruling CNDD-FDD doubts that the protocol will have no importance since the Burundian Constitution does not accept that a Burundians be pursued by another country other than theirs. He insists on the principle of reciprocity clauses. For him, “other EAC member countries can also refuse that their citizens be prosecuted for crimes committed in other countries than their own,”