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Security Minister says flood victims must protect themselves

01-16-2020 Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security and Disaster Management, says victims of floods in Bujumbura city are victims of uncontrolled constructions. “The best solution is to leave the localities. They know how they arrived there and they must do so to leave the places,” he says. It was (...)

Burundian police to conduct more searches to secure 2020 elections

10-11-2019 During the presentation of the ministry’s achievements for the last three months this October 10th, the Minister of Public Security has said the police will continue to carry out searches all over the country to make sure the 2020 elections are held in safety. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Burundian Minister (...)

MPs debated extradition agreement between EAC member states

11-16-2018 Burundian MPs have adopted on this November 15 a bill that Burundi government has to ratify regarding the protocol of the East African Community on peace and security. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security explains that the protocol will allow EAC member states to collaborate in the arrest (...)

Security Ministry committed to improving security, says minister

10-16-2018 While presenting the 3rd term achievements of 2018, the Minister of Public Security says there has been an improvement in the fight against criminality in Burundi but says there is still a long way to go. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security says the security situation is generally (...)

Ministry of Public Security to set up national detoxification center

06-27-2018 Cannabis, heroin, cocaine and chicha are some of the drugs that jeopardize the promising future of many young Burundians. Drug consumption is hard to eradicate, said Valentin Havyarimana, chairman of the Burundian Association for a World of Peace without Drugs (ABMPD) on the occasion of the celebration of the (...)
Human Right

Burundi government rejects Human Rights Watch report

04-18-2018 “Opponents are threatened and arbitrarily killed,” reads the report released by Human Rights Watch on human rights situation in Burundi on 17 April. According to this NGO, Burundians suspected of opposing the referendum are mistreated. Human Rights Watch has recorded 19 cases of abuse since 12 December 2017. It (...)
Human Right

Human Rights Watch: “2015 Crisis Continued through 2017”

01-19-2018 In its 28th annual world report made this Thursday 18 January, the Human Rights Watch has published a 643-page report reviewing the human rights practices in more than 90 countries including Burundi. The experts of the Human Rights Watch report that the political and human rights crisis that erupted (...)

277 killed in 2017, Ministry of Public Security reports

12-28-2017 The Ministry of public security rates its achievements at 90%. It says killing cases decreased from 401 in 2016 to 277 in 2017. Civil society activist says 277 people killed is not a small number. During the presentation of the 2017 report by the ministry of the public security, (...)

13 people abducted from July to September 2017, says Burundi Security Minister

10-18-2017 The quarterly report of the Ministry of Public Security reveals that 13 people were abducted from July to September 2017: twelve in August while one in September. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, the Minister of Public Security said those people were abducted for various reasons, namely the settlement of accounts and (...)

Burundi Security Minister compares recent grenade explosions with terrorist attacks

07-18-2017 Despite the grenade attacks that claimed five lives and injured over 70 within seven days, the Minister of Public Security says the security situation is generally good throughout Burundi. Minister of Public Security, Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, said on Monday 17 that the security situation has improved significantly throughout the (...)