Man who killed six people found dead

On this Monday 9 October 2017, at around 3P.M, a man called Jean Claude Ntirandekura killed 6 people on Rweya hill in Buhiga commune of Karusi province.

Pierre Nkurikiye: “The investigations are underway”

Pierre Nkurikiye: “The investigations are underway”

The 24 year-old man killed three people using a machete and burned three others in their houses. He burnt 11 houses, and killed other domestic animals like goats and cocks.

The six killed people are a man, two women (the criminal’s wife and his mother) as well as three children.

According to people in the neighbourhood, the young man’s dead body was found hanged on a tree on Karuzi- Muyinga road this Tuesday morning at 7km from where the crime was committed. This information is also confirmed by police and local administration.

People from Karuzi say the criminal had spent the whole day drinking alcohol before killing those people.

Jean Claude Ntirandekura was a carpenter and neighbours say he lived in perfect harmony with other people.

Seven persons have been arrested for investigation among them, the chief of Rweya hill.

Pierre Nkurikiye, police spokesperson, says investigations are underway to know whether the killer was killed or killed himself and find out the reasons behind the crime.