Local NGO pleads for no alcohol to under 18

10-03-2019 While the World celebrates the Alcohol Free Day on each October 2nd, Burundi Alcohol Policy Alliance urges the government to establish a law governing alcohol consumption as it is a reality among young people in the country. Séraphine Manirambona, Chairperson for Burundi Alcohol Policy Alliance-BAPA says it has been (...)

30% of patients in Burundi suffer from heart diseases

09-25-2019 On the occasion of the celebration of the World Heart Day on 29 September, heart specialist doctors call on people to change their lifestyle as heart disease is the main leading cause of death throughout the world. Constantin Nyamuzangura, Heart Specialist and Chairman of the Burundian Cardiology Society, says (...)

Nine people arrested during police search operation in Rumonge

04-05-2019 Nine people were arrested during search operation conducted by the police on 4 April morning in Musave neighborhood, Mibanza locality, Kizuka zone, Rumonge comune of Rumonge province in south of Burundi. Five of the detainees are accused of manufacturing and selling illegal alcohol drinks while four others are members (...)

Burundi: There is still long way to go in fighting against cancer

03-05-2018 While the World Cancer Day is normally celebrated on March 4th each year, Burundi celebrated it on Friday, March 2nd. Health professionals say they recognize the lack of prevention policies, specialists and material for cancer treatment. “There are no functioning cancer record books to monitor trends in cancer incidence, (...)

Man who killed six people found dead

10-10-2017 On this Monday 9 October 2017, at around 3P.M, a man called Jean Claude Ntirandekura killed 6 people on Rweya hill in Buhiga commune of Karusi province. The 24 year-old man killed three people using a machete and burned three others in their houses. He burnt 11 houses, and (...)

Study highlights parents’ role in alcohol drinking amongst underage students

05-08-2017 A study has found that 50 per cent of underage students drink alcoholic beverages mainly provided to them by their families. The majority of the children start drinking before the age of 10. SOJPAE, a local NGO that promotes children’s rights and well-being, carried out the study to assess (...)

Burundi needs national policy on alcohol

12-27-2016 On 26 December, Burundi Alcohol Policy Alliance-BAPA, a coalition of eight civil society associations fighting against alcohol abuse, called on the Burundian authorities to introduce a legislation regulating the consumption and marketing of alcoholic beverages. Séraphine Manirambona, Chairwoman of BAPA says that despite the fact that everyone is aware (...)

Diabetes: Third cause of Death in Burundi

11-15-2016 The world celebrates the Diabetes Day on 14 November each year. While four millions of people die yearly due to diabetes complications, 60% of them are amputated. According to the recent surveys conducted by the Public Health Ministry in 2016, the number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing (...)

Figures for Road Accidents Fall in 2014

01-14-2015 In Bujumbura City Council, figures of road accidents recorded during 2014 have fallen compared to previous years, particularly those in December.-By Yves Didier Irakoze  According to Alfred Innocent Museremu, OPP1 Commander of Traffic Police and Road Security, the number of road accidents for the year 2014were 2603 whereas for (...)

Together “No” for alcohol to minors or under 18 (U-18)

07-07-2014 Some hotel institutions and associations which are against human traffic signed the Charter to refuse providing alcohol to under 18.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “The best tool used by human traffickers is alcohol to accomplish their evil mission and children are the most targeted group,” points out Florence Boivin, President (...)