Radio Isanganiro correspondent in Karuzi province released

01-20-2020 Blaise Pascal Kararumiye, the Radio Isanganiro’s correspondent in Karuzi has been released in the afternoon of this 20 January 2020. He was summoned to appear at the office of the Governor of Karuzi province where he was heard by the governor, her advisers, all communal administrators of Karuzi province (...)

Man who killed six people found dead

10-10-2017 On this Monday 9 October 2017, at around 3P.M, a man called Jean Claude Ntirandekura killed 6 people on Rweya hill in Buhiga commune of Karusi province. The 24 year-old man killed three people using a machete and burned three others in their houses. He burnt 11 houses, and (...)