Lake Tanganyika should be protected, says environmentalist

Experts call for measure to protect Lake Tanganyika which is the main source of clean water in Burundi.

On the occasion of the celebration of the world Water Day this 22 March, Gaspard Ntakimazi, university lecturer and environmentalist, says the pipes used for the abstraction of drinking water from Lake Tanganyika were located at some meters from the lake shore in the last 20 years. “Today, those pipes are located at over 3km because the lake is polluted,” he says.

Lake Tanganyika is mainly polluted by waste from manufacturing companies.

Mr. Ntakimazi says, Burundi might be obliged to export water from other countries if the pollution of Lake Tanganyika continues. “In 1980s, some European countries were obliged to export clean water from other countries because their lakes were polluted. Burundi may face the same situation if nothing is done”.

Mr. Ntakimazi says the lake is polluted because of unclean waters coming from industries. He suggests that there should be some wastewater treatment plants. “Unclean water from industries should be treated before reaching the lake”.

This environmentalist reminds that Burundians are among people that still have access to clean water. “There should be the will and determination to preserve this great wealth”.
Over 90% of the water supplied to the capital of Bujumbura is from Lake Tanganyika.