Intamba Murugamba ready to defeat Gabonese team, national coach says

“All the players are already in Bujumbura. The team is ready to win this important match for all Burundians,” Olivier Niyungeko, the coach of Burundian national team ‘Intamba Murugamba’ told journalists.

Intamba Murugamba National Team

Burundians are eager to watch the football match between Burundi and Gabon that is to take place on March 23 at Prince Louis Rwagasore stadium in Bujumbura.

The coach of the national team calls on Burundians to support their team. “If we are supported, we will have good results,” he said, adding that the players are in good physical conditions for this decisive match.

Winning the match or having the same score with Gabon will be enough for Burundi to participate in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations to be held in Egypt.