EU and Burundi in reconciliation process, says EU Ambassador

In his visit to Iwacu Press Group in the morning of May 6, Claude Bochu, EU Ambassador to Burundi has said the relationship between EU and Burundi is in the reconciliation process.

Claude Bochu, EU Ambassador to Burundi visiting Iwacu Press Group

“There is a will from both sides to better understand each one’s expectations and limitations,” he says adding that the two share many more things than those dividing them.
Ambassador Claude Bochu has also said the EU continues to support Burundi through cooperation with NGOs and development agencies operating in the country.

He says the EU remains one of the main donors of the country. EU Ambassador also believes that Burundi will also need to partner with other countries following the outbreak of COVID-19.
“Burundi will need all of its friends to handle the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis”, he says.

The European Union suspended direct financial support for the Burundian government in March 2016, accusing it of not doing enough to end the political crisis that the country was through