CVR applauds decision to change some public infrastructure names

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission [CVR] applauds the measure taken by President Pierre Nkurunziza to give names of some personalities who marked the Burundian history to public infrastructures and historic places.

Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, CVR chairman « the President decision restores the dignity of people who honored Burundi in the past.”

In a press conference held on 2 July, Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, CVR Chairman said “the President decision aims at repairing and healing injured souls of victims of tragic events that occurred in Burundi.” For him, the decision restores the dignity of people who honored Burundi in the past.
“The recognition for valuable work can serve as a memorial and educational tool for the current and future generations,” says Ndayicariye.

In his address to the nation on the eve of the celebration of the 57th anniversary of Burundi’s independence, President Pierre Nkurunziza announced a number of changes concerning the designation of some public infrastructures.

Bujumbura International Airport will now be known as Melchior Ndadaye International Airport. 28 November Boulevard becomes Mwezi Gisabo Boulevard while 3 September Boulevard is now named General Adolphe Nshimirimana Boulevard. Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium takes the name of “Intwari (valiants) Stadium.
The commando military camp of Gitega, known as the 211th Military Camp, becomes Ntare Rugamba Camp.

Tatien Sibomana, member of the opposition party Union for National Progress- UPRONA believes that Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium should keep its name explaining that “Burundi flag was hoisted for the first time at Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium while the colonizer’s flag was lowered.”

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