Two consecutive months dedicated to protection of Lake Tanganyika, Environment Minister says

The inhabitants of Bujumbura city have conducted this 4 July activities consisting of removing water hyacinth from Lake Tanganyika. The removal of this invasive plant which harms aquatic biodiversity and pushes the lake limit comes within the framework of implementing of the ‘Environmental Thursday’ the day officially dedicated to the protection of the environment.

Environment activists removing water hyacinth from Lake Tanganyika

“During these two months, the work devoted to the Environmental Thursday will consist of protecting Lake Tanganyika,” said Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock.

In the country, the work devoted to Environmental Thursday consists of tracing the contours farming in order to conserve rainwater, reduce soil losses from surface erosion and protect water sources.

“In Bujumbura, the activities consist of cleaning up the city and the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika especially by removing the water hyacinth that degrades the fish production area,” said Minister Rurema.

He calls on all Bujumbura residents to join their forces to protect effectively Lake Tanganyika. “So, we will have contributed to the increase in fish production,” he also says.

Thursday dedicated to the environment was officially launched on April 9, 2019. The Minister of the Environment warned that 2.508 out of 24.787 water sources existing in Burundi had dried up while 4.418 were gradually running dry following climate change and its devastating consequences.

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