COVID-19: OLUCOME calls on government to impose austerity measures

Following the outbreak of the first two COVID-19 cases in Burundi since March 31, the Burundi anti-corruption watchdog-OLUCOME demands the government to set an austerity budget. Gabriel Rufyiri, OLOCUME Chairman says the Burundian government should reduce non-essential expenses in the general state budget. “The budget should be used for the payment of the medical care of COVID-19 patients and for the cost of the accommodation for the confined people”, says Rufyiri.

Gabriel Rufyiri: “There is a need to respect the 14-day quarantine decision as prescribed by WHO”.

He also says Burundians living in the country and abroad as well as friends of Burundi should contribute to the “Fund of Citizens initiated by Burundians themselves. The fund should be used to support vulnerable people so that they don’t succumb to misery”, he says adding that the government should also authorize international organizations to support Burundians.

OLUCOME Chairman also exhorts the government to respect the 14-day quarantine decision as prescribed by the World Health Organization. “It is necessary to stop the bad behavior of quarantining people for less than five days”, he deplores. He calls on all Burundians to continue to abide by the hygienic measures as it was recommended by the Ministry of Public Health.