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COVID-19: USA to give $ one million to protect vulnerable Burundians

05-07-2020 In a telephone press briefing on COVID-19 in Africa and the USA response this May 6, Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy, Assistant Secretary in charge of African Affairs’ Bureau has said the USA expects to give more than $ 1 million in migration and refugee humanitarian assistance which will help (...)

Burundi confirms new COVID-19 case

04-24-2020 The Ministry of Health has confirmed a new coronavirus case which raises the number of infection to 12. In a statement released on 24 April, Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health said the new COVID-19 patient is a trainee nurse working at Prince Louis Rwagasore Hospital that houses COVID-19 patients. (...)

Burundi-COVID-19: Five new people tested positive while four patients discharged from hospital

04-22-2020 “The test carried out on 198 people who have been in contact with 6 patients tested positive for COVID-19 and another suspected case revealed five new cases of COVID-19,” announced Thaddée Ndikumana, Minister of Health at a press conference held on 21 April. He added that 4 out of (...)

Politicians disagree on suspension of general elections abroad

04-17-2020 Gabriel Banzawitonde, APDR chairman says his party doesn’t appreciate the decision taken by the National Independent Electoral Commission to prevent the Burundian diaspora from voting in the elections of May 20. “The electoral body withdraws them the right to give their views in the elections of May 20,” he (...)

Burundi suspends presidential election for Burundians living abroad amid COVID-19 outbreak

04-17-2020 In a correspondence he submitted to the Burundian diplomatic and consular representatives abroad this April 15, Ezéchiel Nibigira, Minister of Foreign Affairs has said the National Independent Electoral Commission–CENI is unable to organize the elections including presidential, legislative and district councilors scheduled for May 20, abroad. “The current health (...)

COVID-19: “No visit to old people”

04-14-2020 Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in Burundi, the Auspices Center “Saint Elisabeth” has imposed measures to protect old people hosted by the center. Nun Colette Murimbane, Managing Director of the center, says there are no visits or internships within the center. “We fear that they should be affected as (...)

Gikungu residents face drinking water shortage amid COVID-19 outbreak

04-14-2020 Residents of Gihungu neighborhood of Gihosha area in the north of the economic capital Bujumbura say they have not got drinking water since the past few weeks. They fear catching Coronavirus. “We haven’t had access to clean water for more than a month. One of the two taps installed (...)

Commission of Inquiry calls on Burundian authorities to effectively fight against COVID-19

04-11-2020 “Concerned by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential impact on the Burundian population as the first three official cases of infection were confirmed last week, the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi openly invited the Government to fight the pandemic transparently and in compliance with international standards,” (...)

34 cases test negative for COVID-19

04-10-2020 The Minister of Health announced on 8 April that 34 people, who had been in contact with three people who recently tested positive for COVID-19, have tested negative for the virus. “Twenty one among the 34 tested people had already undergone the first test while the remaining 13 were (...)

Covid-19: Combat has only just begun… 

04-07-2020   With already three reported cases of Covid-19 and 50 beds with respirators throughout the national territory, people wonder if Burundi is sufficiently equipped to face this pandemic. A 26-year-old woman tested positive for Covid-19. This was announced by the Minister of Public Health, Thaddée Ndikumana, after a press (...)

Evolution of the pandemic

Source: This interactive map shows the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic in the world, in real time, the number of cases reported are by government agencies (Here Technologies / Center for Systems Science, and Engineering (CSSE) of Johns Hopkins University / DXY).