Consumers denounce scarcity of BUCECO cement in Bujumbura

Bujumbura faces the shortage of cement made by Burundi Cement Company. Consumers say they don’t know the reason behind the scarcity of this product.

Cement store in Quartier Asiatique

In the afternoon of September 4th, no shop in the neighborhood commonly called ‘Quartier Asiatique’ was selling ‘BUCECO cement 32.5R.

Traders did not want to explain the reason for the lack of this product. They simply say that cement is not available without giving more information.
“Do you have BUCECO cement?” asked a customer. “We do not have it,” replied the trader. “Since when is it not available?” asked the customer. “I do not know much about it. Go to look for it elsewhere, “said the trader.

A source on the spot indicates that traders have hidden this product. He explains that they sell it at a price higher than the official one. “Yesterday, the police arrested traders who were selling the cement at between BIF 28,500 and BIF29, 000. According to the police, BUCECO cement costs BIF24, 500 for a 50kg sack,” says Iwacu source adding that traders have decided not to sell it since yesterday to avoid making losses.

BUCECO management accuses traders of speculating. “The official price of the 32.5 R cement sack is BIF24, 500 and we produced a sufficient quantity. Commercial outlets of the cement receive sufficient quantities. I do not understand the reasons behind this shortage, “says BUCECO Managing Director Assistant.