Justice Ministry determined to eliminate corruption in justice department

While responding to parliamentarians’ questions this Wednesday, the Minister of Justice has said the ministry is committed to punishing seriously corrupt judges.

Aimée Laurentine Kanyana calls on the Burundian population to report corruption cases to the Ministry of Justice

Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, Burundian Minister of Justice has said the ministry works hard to identify corrupt judges. “Citizens also help the ministry by showing cases of judges who do not work properly,” she also says, adding that several judges have already been punished.

“In Rumonge province, there are three judges who asked a person to bribe them. The person called the ministry for help and gave evidence and the judges were immediately arrested,” she says.
Mrs. Kanyana says other judges were recently caught holding illegal meetings in Bururi. “They have been arrested and jailed,” she adds.

“In Musigati commune of Bubanza province, three corrupt judges were seriously punished,” she says adding that similar cases have also been recorded in Nyanza-Lac and Mutaho communes of Makamba and Gitega provinces respectively.

The Minister of Justice calls on the population to report corruption cases to the ministry.
“The ministry of justice will even dismiss judges who will be found guilty of corruption,” she says.
As for Agathon Rwasa, Deputy President of the Burundi National Assembly, criminals are sometimes protected by justice for political reasons.

“When the CNL office in Nyabiraba commune was set ablaze, justice accused CNL militants of burning their own party office,” he says adding that when criminals are not punished, they are likely to commit more crimes.

He calls on judges to work legally and punish real criminals.
MP Daniel Gélase Ndabirabe says the ministry should establish a newspaper where stories denouncing all corruption cases in justice should be published.
He calls on the ministry of justice to keep punishing seriously corrupt judges to restore a corruption free society.