Collapsing ravine continues causing damages in south of Bujumbura

Part of a school commonly known as “Kwa Vyisi” and its fence has already collapsed. School activities have been suspended since the past three weeks. The ravine is located in Kinanira 2 area, in Musaga neighborhood of Muha commune, in the south of the capital Bujumbura. So far, it has caused the destruction of three houses, a church and left other houses threatened.
The tarred road located at about 5 meters from the ravine is about to be destroyed. People living near this road call on the government to do something before it is destroyed.

The ravine has already destroyed part of the school

A local resident met in the area says it is a really catastrophic situation. “Many houses including a school have already collapsed because of this ravine. The tarred road will be destroyed at any moment and no traffic will be possible,” he says, calling on the government to intervene before it’s too late.

Another resident says activities to prevent the ravine from causing more damages should start to protect the road which is very necessary in the daily lives of the people. “If the government doesn’t intervene as soon as possible, it will be a big problem for local residents and a big loss for the country,” he says.

Sylvère Nsagirije, Director General of Town Planning in the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock says the work of rehabilitation of this ravine requires a lot of financial means. “A commission has been set up to draw up the estimated amount to be used in its rehabilitation,” he adds.