Burundian theater evolving but…

While the world celebrates the Theater Day every March 27, Burundian youth operating in the theater sector acknowledge its evolution but say there is still a lot to be done.

Theater presentation by one Burundian theater company

Arthur Banshayeko, Burundian comedian and theater director, says many theater companies are being created. “Youth are investing a great deal in the theater sector. The evidence is that there are many theatrical companies in the country nowadays”.

He also says there are kids who are being trained to be actors since the early age. “On Saturday, for instance, there is a piece of theater that will be played by kids. This marks a significant step”.

Mr. Banshayeko calls on people to support them in their work as actors. “People should attend the scheduled activities to encourage the youth who devote their time and talent to the promotion of the theatre in the country”.

Rivardo Niyonizigiye, a script writer and comedian, says theater is a funny way of conveying an important message. “Theater not only challenges the actors to review their lifestyle but is also a way through which values are shared and a message is conveyed in a special way”.

Laura Sheila Inangoma, actor and script writer, says to be satisfied with the progress so far achieved in the sector. “It is really encouraging. Today, we can see that a lot of people especially young people are interested in theater”.

Inangoma says that the Ministry of Culture should invest in the sector and help actors by promoting theater in Burundi. “The ministry is somewhat absent. Only young people passionate about the theater put their efforts together to promote theater. They need to be supported”.

Since 1962, the World Theatre Day has been celebrated by theatre professionals, organizations, universities and amateurs from across the globe on the 27th of March. In Burundi, the day has not yet been celebrated at the national level.