Fontaine Isoko to support Burundi government over New Deal agreement

At a workshop held this October 16th, the Chairperson of Fontaine Isoko-a local NGO has said the latter will support the government to implement New Deal to improve the development and peace policies for countries affected by conflicts.

Ildephonse Niyungeko, Home Affairs Ministry Advisor (middle) calls on civil society organizations to be more involved in the development projects

“We are waiting for instructions and recommendations to support the government in monitoring the New deal agreement to achieve sustainable development,” says Seconde Nyanzobe, Chairperson of that NGO.
She says Fontaine Isoko intends to set up a panel where speakers will raise the challenges and develop strategies to handle them so as to monitor that New Deal.

The chairperson of Fontaine Isoko adds that the lack of funding is among the challenges met in the implementation of the New Deal. “Organizations which were members of the national team are no longer working on the New Deal since 2015,” she says.

“Civil society organizations play an important role to work out the New Deal and develop the country,” says Augustin Niyongabo while presenting the New Deal agreement.
He calls on other Burundian civil society organizations to be involved in the New Deal implementation to help the country to achieve sustainable development.

“The national plan for development is among several things the government has done to implement the New deal,” says Ildephonse Niyungeko, Advisor in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Local Development.
He thanks different organizations for their significant contribution to the development projects.
Mr. Niyungeko calls on all key actors to be more involved in the implementation of sustainable development projects so as to build a better country.

New Deal is an agreement between ‘fragile and conflict-affected countries’, development partners and the civil society organizations to implement the development and peace policies in those countries.
It was negotiated during the International Dialogue and signed by more than 40 countries and organizations at the 4th high level forum held on November 30, 2011 in Busan, South Korea.