Christmas celebrations not so popular this year

On the eve of Christmas celebrations, sellers complain about the lack of customers.

“There isn’t any sign which shows that Christmas is tomorrow. On such a day, there used to be a lot of clients and movement of people buying food stuff in the market. I am still waiting, maybe they will do the shopping this afternoon or tomorrow,” says a woman selling vegetables in a market commonly known as ‘Kwa Sioni’.

There is an increase in price of some food stuff

Another woman, a seller of peas, says apart from the lack of customers, prices soar especially for food stuffs used in festivities. “The price of peas has increased from BIF 3000 per kg to BIF4000. The price of other food stuff like onions, meat and rice has also risen,” she says.

Nahimana, a customer met in the market says it is difficult to celebrate Christmas by buying festive materials as it used to be, because most Burundians are faced with a financial crisis these days. “It is more and more difficult to dare plan a luxurious celebration for Christmas because there is a financial crisis in the country,” says Nahimana.

For street vendors of Christmas trees and other decorative objects, there is no hope of selling what they have bought. “There are no customers this year. It seems like they have no money. They just ask for prices and complain that it is expensive,” says one street seller.

For most Burundians, Christmas celebrations include going to church, decorating their houses with Christmas trees and other decorative objects, and sharing with friends and relatives.