CEMABU denounces refusal of health care to medical assistance card holders

02-12-2020 On the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of the Sick this Tuesday 11 February, the Burundian association fighting for patients’ rights (CEMABU) has said it deplores the behavior of some public hospital officials who refuse to provide health care to holders of Medical Assistance Card (CAM). (...)

Burundian women poorly represented in entrepreneurship, says Women in Action

08-01-2019 In the context of the celebration of the African Woman’s Day on July 31st, African Women in Action, a local NGO says Burundian women face several challenges that hinder their development. “Although women are endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, some of them are not supported by their society and (...)

Local CSOs deplore difficult reintegration of victims of human trafficking in Burundi

07-31-2019 On the occasion of the celebration of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons this 30 July, local civil society organizations say there is still a long way to go as far as the reintegration of Burundian victims of human trafficking into the community is concerned. SOJPAE, an association (...)
Human Right

Burundian prisons are overcrowded, Direction of prisons says

07-16-2019 In the context of the celebration of Mandela Day, the General Direction of Penitentiaries in Burundi-DGAP has said jails are overcrowded compared to the number of prisoners they should receive. Over 10,000 people are detained in Burundian prisons. “In Burundi we have 11 prisons, two detention centers for small (...)
EAC integration

French to be used very soon within EAC

03-21-2019 Epiphanie Kabushemeye Ntamwana, Director General in charge of multilateral relations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said the use of French inside the East African Community is progressing. The Ministry in charge of EAC affairs in collaboration with the French Embassy in Burundi has submitted the draft project (...)

Women are pillars of sustainable development, says Minister of gender

03-08-2019 While on every March 8th, countries all over the world celebrate the International Women’s Day, the Minister of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender calls on women to participate in innovative programs because they are the pillars of sustainable development. Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Social Affairs and (...)

Christmas celebrations not so popular this year

12-25-2018 On the eve of Christmas celebrations, sellers complain about the lack of customers. “There isn’t any sign which shows that Christmas is tomorrow. On such a day, there used to be a lot of clients and movement of people buying food stuff in the market. I am still waiting, (...)
Human Right

Number of victims of human trafficking is increasing, says Children rights activist

07-31-2018 Around 4,000 people have been reported victims of human trafficking in Burundi since 2015. FENADEB has said this during the celebration of World Day against Trafficking in Persons this 30 July, 2018. Jacques Nshimirimana, chairman of the National Federation of Associations Defending Children rights-FENADEB, says human trafficking in Burundi (...)

Kayanza: Women’s rights not fully respected

03-09-2018 On the occasion of the International Women’s Day which was celebrated on 8 March in Kayanza, some women from that province deplore the fact that their husbands mistreat them. Some say they are physically abused while others accuse their husbands of having concubines. “Some women and I are suffering (...)

Burundi government calls on everyone to get involved in risk reduction

03-01-2018 Every March 1st, the world celebrates the Civil Protection World Day. On the eve of this celebration, the government of Burundi reminds everyone of their responsibility for disaster risk reduction. Serges Ntakavura, Assistant to the ministry of public security, says recurrent disasters cause damage at an alarming level. “From (...)