Burundian Women need to contribute to their country’s development

Women’s network calls for a balanced participation of men and women in decision-making and peace consolidation dialogue. They have launched a common agenda for all Burundian women this September 5th 2017.

Participants in Common Agenda for Burundian Women Launching

Participants in Common Agenda for Burundian Women Launching

In their program, Women’s Network focuses on an effective involvement of Burundian women in peace preservation. They say women have significant contribution to the success of the on-going inter-Burundi dialogue. Jeanne Mpfayuguhora, Chief Executive of the Women’s Network, says women have to be represented in every decision –making process: “Women have been ignored in peace talks since 2000. We are not discouraged, we keep on pleading. Women have to help in the progress of their country, dialogue included.”

Jeanne Mpfayukurera says they have carried out national consultations so that they can expose women’s grievances and priorities “We have visited all the communes of the country and compiled their complaints in this program”.

Women’s network calls the government to put into practice Resolution 1325 which urges all actors to increase the participation of women and incorporate gender perspectives in all United Nations peace and security efforts. “As Burundi has approved this resolution, it has to put it into practice”, said Women’s Network’s chief executive
The minister in charge of human rights and gender salutes this women’s network initiative. He said women are the foundation of development in the country “Women represent more than 50% of the whole population in Burundi. The development of the country depends on them.”

Martin Nivyabandi says this is a first step to women’s success as they have thought about gathering into this network. “They went beyond their political affiliations and ethnic identity to gather into one group for one cause.

Besides, it is easy to partner with one organisation than partnering with different organisations which are pleading for the same thing”, he said this and promised to help them.

Governor of Rutana, Bède Nyandwi, appeals to these women to stay apolitical so as to stay focused on their mission.
Women’s network is a group of women’s platforms and forums. The main objective of the network is to put together women’s effort for the building of their country.