Human Right

Ndikumana holding her son appears before Muha Court of Appeal

03-07-2020 Aline Ndikumana appeared on 6 March before the Court of Appeal of Muha commune. She is accused of illegally possessing firearms. The court postponed the trial to investigate in details charges against the detainee. Detained for more than six months as she is accused of “illegally possessing firearms”, Aline (...)

Women and youth to be included in memory management of painful past

03-23-2018 Women and youth are two categories of people that suffer the most during and after the conflict period. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR believes in their contribution to manage the painful past for a better future. Bishop Jean-Louis Nahimana, Chairman of CVR, says the commission’s activities are incomplete without (...)

Happy women’s day to Iwacu women

03-08-2018 Dear colleagues We share this same passion: to inform.It is not always easy.Fortunately ,you are there, with your determination, your courage, this strength behind your smiles.Yes,you sometimes are a little bit “complicated”.We too,it is is true. But without you,Iwacu would not be what it is today.Know that we love (...)

Burundian Women need to contribute to their country’s development

09-05-2017 Women’s network calls for a balanced participation of men and women in decision-making and peace consolidation dialogue. They have launched a common agenda for all Burundian women this September 5th 2017. In their program, Women’s Network focuses on an effective involvement of Burundian women in peace preservation. They say (...)

Women claim to be sufficiently represented in dialogue process

05-10-2017 The Women’s Group requests the facilitator in the Burundi conflict to increase the number of women who will participate in the inter-Burundi dialogue process due to take place from 14 to at least 30 women. The Women’s Group, which brings together women’s organizations namely Women’s National Forum (FNF), Women’s (...)

“Raising woman voices to media”

01-03-2014 Female journalists from the Great Lakes Region working in media have gathered to create a network for freely voicing and expressing women issues.-By Yves Didier Irakoze The network was created in partnership with Search for Common Ground an NGO operating in Burundi, Burundian Women Journalists Association (AFJO), Rwandan Women (...)