Burundian girls encounter serious obstacles to complete studies

10-10-2019 «Burundian girls face a major challenge. They do not complete their studies and consequently they do not achieve effective development, “said Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs on the occasion of the World Girl Day celebrated on 9 October. In the same vein, Claudette Niyonzima, (...)

Two Burundian artists detained over violation of culture and customs

10-04-2019 Olegue Baraka and Pacelli Iradukunda also known as Landry Promoter are detained by the Police since last week. They are accused of breaking the Burundian culture and customs through their songs and videos. The two artists are jailed in the office of the police dealing with juvenile crimes. With (...)

Burundian theater evolving but…

03-28-2019 While the world celebrates the Theater Day every March 27, Burundian youth operating in the theater sector acknowledge its evolution but say there is still a lot to be done. Arthur Banshayeko, Burundian comedian and theater director, says many theater companies are being created. “Youth are investing a great (...)

Burundi must promote and preserve culture like other African countries

01-25-2018 While the world celebrates the first edition of the Day dedicated to African and Afro-descendant Culture this January 24, the ministry of culture appeals to the youth to preserve and promote the Burundian culture. Rosette Irambona, Spokesperson for the ministry of culture, says Burundi is deeply concerned about the (...)

Marital Rape, a reality in our community

08-10-2014 Burundian spouses do not dare to denounce marital rape as long as they are still living together. However, its scars last longer than those of rape out of marriage. – By J.Berchmans Siboniyo Each year, each month and each weekend, we attend many marriage ceremonies. Nevertheless, most of the (...)

Talking about sexuality to children!

06-19-2014 Many parents fear to talk about sexuality to their children because they find it a taboo. This is mainly due to the lack of sexuality education they didn’t get during their childhood. Then, this issue is a big problem to both parents and children.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “I feel (...)

Population Media Center: changing Burundian mindset through movies

11-27-2013 Population Media Center is soon going to broadcast a series of sketches for helping Burundian people change their behaviour. Filmmakers have already got training sessions. Thanks to the latter, beneficiaries are proud of the offered guidance.-By Diane Uwimana Population Media Center takes origin in USA. From 2013 to 2016, (...)

Culture: back to our roots

11-16-2013 Today, children are not motivated and urged to know Kirundi more efficiently than in former times. Then, according to many traditionalists, parents and educational institutions as well as the government must give it its real value.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “Burundians are not proud of their language. They have disparaging (...)

Reviving sport and culture dynamism

09-26-2013 In partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Burundian University Sport Federation (FEBUSU) has recently organized sport competitions in various disciplines in its program of boosting inter-university sport activities (14 Sept 2103) – By Yves Didier Irakoze According to David Niyukuri, Chairman of FEBUSU, the (...)