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Kahawatu innovates and extends its actions

11-22-2019 In order to increase coffee production in quantity and quality, Kahawatu launched on Thursday, 7 November 2019, the activities of the Burundi Coffee Alliance (BCA) project in the area where Green Coffee (Greenco) operates. “The project aims at increasing the production of coffee in terms of quantity and quality, (...)

Over 350 Burundian refugees repatriated from Tanzania

02-08-2019 More than 350 Burundian refugees out of 1000 refugees who were expected to return to Burundi from Nduta and Mtenderi refugee camps in Tanzania were voluntarily repatriated this 7 February. They are from 107 families and include 175 men and 160 women. They arrived at Gisuru border in Ruyigi (...)

Entrepreneurship as cure for unemployed youths in Matana

12-27-2018 Ligala, prostitution, poverty, unemployment and drug consumption are some of the challenges faced by young high school and university graduates from Matana commune in Bururi province. The Catholic Church has succeeded to gather unemployed youth into an association. It is a huge relief for the unemployed youths of Matana (...)

CECAB concerned over situation prevailing in Burundi

12-26-2018 On the eve of the celebration of Christmas Day on 25 December, the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi (CECAB) says there are some facts indicating that the situation in the country needs to be improved. Bishop Joachim Ntahondereye, Chairman of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Burundi says (...)

Education ministry warns about illicit success in post basic schools

12-20-2018 In a press briefing held this Wednesday 19 December 2018, the spokesperson for the ministry of education has said students who have not passed the national test allowing them to go on with the post basic education should stop where they are and register in vocational schools as required (...)

Piles of rubbish in Ngozi town threaten population

12-19-2018 Household wastes are deposited in different areas of Ngozi town. The population fears for its health and requests the establishment of a landfill site, away from the areas where they live. A few meters from the private University of Ngozi in the neighborhood of Rubuye in the city of (...)

Gitega/Paving project: Waiting for Godot …

09-26-2018 Announced in 2004, the paving project for streets in the Gitega urban center is slow to start. However, the population has already paid the requested contributions. Rango is one of Gitega neighborhoods, located on a steep hill of the city. It does not have drainage system. “During the rainy (...)

Burundi government increases gasoline and diesel prices

08-09-2018 Prices per liter of gasoline and diesel at the gas pump respectively increase from BIF 2, 250 to 2,400 and from BIF 2,250 to 2,350 since August 8. Oil price remains unchanged. Côme Manirakiza, the Minister of Energy says the fuel price increases is relative to the increase in (...)

Three million people add to Burundi population in ten years

07-12-2018 While the world celebrates the population day, the figures show that the number of Burundians increases day by day. Effective measures need to be taken to reduce the demographic growth. Nicolas Ndayishimiye, Director of Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies-ISTEEBU says the number of Burundians is now estimated (...)

Discrimination and skin diseases pose major threat to Burundian albinos

06-13-2018 While the world celebrates the Albinism Awareness day each 13 June, Burundian albinos say they are discriminated and rejected in their families. Albinos say they continue to be discriminated in Burundi. Odile Nshimirimana, 23, an albinos and elder of eight children-three of them are albinos, says she was forced (...)