Burundian Leaders called on to be competent

Anicet Mahoro, speaker in a two-day meeting organized by a local NGO « Initiatives et Changement-Burundi Tugender-ubuntu » this 19 March, has said leadership in Burundi is faced with several challenges, many of which related to financial means. “A good leader should have an objective. And it is impossible to attain it without financial means,” he says adding that there is a need to redirect the goals and work together with others.

Participants in the meeting were called on to share views with their colleagues

Mr. Mahoro says a good leader must be humble, receptive to others, responsible and honest. “Not only leaders must take into consideration those values, they also must be wise and competent for accountable leadership,” he says.

As for Marie Immaculée Ntacobakimvunye who represented the National Congress for Liberty-CNL in the meeting, she says women leaders also face several challenges. “There is self-discrimination among them even if some want to promote themselves,” she says adding that men also constitute an obstacle. “They are selfish.” She, however, says competence is a prerequisite for a good leader.

Jules Manirakunda, representative of youths affiliated to Frodebu Nyakuri party says the leadership skills will allow the party followers to ensure a good and responsible leadership. “We will share views and each one of us will know how to behave in their society,” he says.

The local NGO “Initiatives et Changement-Burundi Tugender’ubuntu” has organized this two-day meeting to raise the awareness of representatives of institutions, leaders of political parties, religious groups, civil society organizations and media professionals on accountable leadership on the eve of 2020 elections.