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Burundi to address e-waste management problem

Burundi hosts the 4th regional workshop on sustainable e-waste management in the east African region and East African Communications Organization Working Group- EACO WG 7 from this March 18.
Donatien Manirampa, Director General of Burundi agency of telecommunication regulation-ARCT says Burundi collects over 30 thousand tons of e-waste every year. He says if it is not well managed, the waste can be a big harm to the environment and human health.

Donatien Manirampa: “Over 30 thousand tons of e-waste are collected in Burundi every year”

Mr. Manirampa says the management of e-waste is still a problem for Burundi and other east African countries. “The workshop to address the e-waste management intends to show where out- of -use electronic materials are thrown and what should be done to protect the environment and human health”.

He says Burundi is trying to manage this kind of waste and the outcome of the meeting will help to improve this management project. “There is a draft bill on e-waste management that is to be adopted. There is also an association that is collecting out -of- use electronic materials,” he says, adding that the waste is divided into two categories: “The one that can be recycled and the other that is to be destroyed”.

The regional workshop on sustainable e-waste management is being held in Bujumbura under the theme, “Benefits of a regional approach in tackling e-waste waste management”.