Musigati, the price of information

10-25-2019 Four Iwacu reporters who were sent to cover the attack that occurred in Musigati commune of Bubanza Province on October 22, 2019 could not do their job. They were arrested by the police. The reason was that the area was dangerous. To their great surprise, they found themselves in (...)

Around 10% of Burundians have access to Internet

10-11-2019 Donatien Manirampa, Director General of the Agency for Regulatory and Control of Telecommunications in Burundi-ARCT says about 53% of Burundians are in possession of cell phones, but only around 10% of them have access to internet. “The internet penetration rate remains low due to the telecommunication antennas installed in (...)

Number of internet users in Burundi is low, says ARCT

08-28-2019 In a workshop held on August 27th, The Burundi Agency of Telecommunication Regulation-ARCT has said very few Burundians use internet. “The penetration rate of internet usage in Burundi is currently inferior to 10%,” says Hermalas Nahimana, ARCT Acting Director. For him, there are several challenges regarding the evolution of (...)
EAC integration

Burundi to address e-waste management problem

03-19-2019 Burundi hosts the 4th regional workshop on sustainable e-waste management in the east African region and East African Communications Organization Working Group- EACO WG 7 from this March 18. Donatien Manirampa, Director General of Burundi agency of telecommunication regulation-ARCT says Burundi collects over 30 thousand tons of e-waste every (...)

Telecommunication ministry reassures theft victims through foreign calls

06-13-2017 Many Burundians say they have got missed calls by the following foreign numbers: +22478000546, +22478000542, +22478000556 and +5321647912 from 9 June. They say they lost all their airtime credits when they tried to call back the numbers. The ministry of telecommunication reassures the victims and says the issue is (...)

Burundi: ICTs infrastructure left unexploited because of lack of culture

05-16-2017 Minister of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) says, despite the country having enough basic infrastructure, Burundi falls back in the use of ICTs. “We have found that Burundi has a fairly well-developed ICT infrastructure. But the observation we make, bitterly noteworthy, is that we are still deficient in terms of (...)

Burundi Agency of Telecommunication Regulation to improve internet services

01-19-2017 “The rate of entry of internet is 8.2% in Burundi while the medium rate in East Africa is 30%”, said Déogratias Rurimunzu, Managing Director of Burundi Agency in charge of Telecommunication Regulation (ARCT). An improvement is needed. The rate of entry of internet shows that few people in the (...)