Floods threaten Buterere inhabitants

Some inhabitants of Buterere neighborhood especially in Kinyankonge area say they are threatened by floods.
They say they live in fear every time it rains because Kinyankonge river flows into their households and fields.

Some houses have been destroyed and others continue to collapse

Zainabu Baricako, a mother of four children, says whenever she goes to do her business, she fears that she will not find her children safe. “I fear for my children whenever I see that it is going to rain. I am obliged to go back home running”.

Mrs. Baricako says the floods are mostly caused by Kinyankonge River and adds that the banks of this river are protected upstream while they are not at the level of Buterere.

She also says that the situation has worsened after the channeling of Gasenyi River because the Kinyankonge River overflows its banks and runs into their fields and households. “Since the rehabilitation of Gasenyi River at Carama level, Kinyankonge River receives too much water. As its banks are not protected at Buterere level, waters go into our households and crops”.
Some houses have been destroyed and others continue to collapse because the passage of floods further weakens the walls built with adobe bricks.

Amina, another woman met in Mubone area says their houses have been destroyed and others are about to collapse. “Many houses in my neighborhood have no solid foundations. They collapse any time there is an excess of rainfall”.

Those people call on the government to help them by channeling Kinyankonge River.