FFB calls on Burundians to support national team for AFCON 2019

The chairperson of Burundi Football Federation-FFB has officially launched a campaign to support Intamba mu rugamba national team who will participate in the Africa Cup of Nations to take place in Egypt in June 2019.

Burundi qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations finals for the first time in history on March 23

Révérien Ndikuriyo says Intamba mu rugamba are not only going to represent the country but also all Burundians. “Intamba players are going to represent every Burundian and the latter is called on to support them,” he says adding that supporting players is not an obligation but whoever feel they can contribute are encouraged to give whatever they have. “Even a kg of beans will be appreciated.”

Mr. Ndikuriyo condemns those who spread negative messages about this campaign. “Since independence, this is the first time Burundi gets qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations. That Burundi will be represented in AFCON is a great honor for every Burundian. Let’s people who feel this honor support their brothers”.

He also says supporting the national team is a patriotic act that has to be encouraged. “Support is not only financial. There are even fans who are supporting them through prayers. This is a great contribution”.

Juma Mohamed, Director General of Modern Dairy Burundi (MDB) has given USD 10.000 to support the team. “This is part of our commitment to support whoever is in need. Besides, those football players can advertise for our company”.

He also says his company will give milk to players. “We will install tanks from which players will fetch milk during their training. They will also have enough milk during their stay in Egypt,” says Mohammed.

Burundi qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations finals for the first time in history on March 23 in a match against Gabon which ended in draw (1-1) causing the latter to be eliminated. Burundi belongs to group B, with Madagascar, Guinea Conakry and Nigeria. The tournament will be held from 21 June to 19 July 2019.