Antibiotics are developing resistance due to auto-medication, researches indicate

Different researches show that antibiotics are building up resistance at a high level. Health professionals ask both the government and population to get involved.

One of the main causes of antibiotic resistance is auto-medication

One of the main causes of antibiotic resistance is auto-medication

From 20 to 50 % antibiotics are used inappropriately. According to a research done by health professionals from January to September 2017 in Bujumbura area, one of the main reasons which cause antibiotic resistance is auto medication. “The study revealed a considerable rate of self-medication in Bujumbura area” says Joseph Nyandwi, a University lecturer and medical research expert in the Faculty of medicine.

He says antibiotic resistance has become a growing concern in Burundi adding that there is no policy for the regulation of drugs.
Nyandwi gives an example of Ciprofloxacin, an antibiotic which is mostly used in Burundi which has developed resistance at 30%. He appeals to both the government and population to get involved and discourage self-medication.

Donatien Bigirimana, World Health Organisation-WHO delegate calls on the population to avoid self- medication. “They should ask health professionals’ opinion before taking any antibiotics. They also have to take them as prescribed by the physicians and should never share them with others”.

Emmanuel Bamenyekane, a pharmacy department director in the Ministry of Health says the number of the resistance is becoming higher and higher. He says the ministry has made a list of drugs that are not allowed to be sold in pharmacies without medical prescription: “The list is already available and it will be multiplied and distributed to whoever are concerned very soon”, says Bamenyekane

He also says the irrational use of antibiotics is the main cause of antibiotic resistance. He says the population have to become aware of their well-being “We are in a sensitization campaign for the rational use of antibiotics. Drug efficiency also depends on how patients use them”

According to a research done by WHO, more than 480,000 people catch multi-resistant tuberculosis per year in the world and more than 40 are Burundians, this complicate the fight against malaria and HIV.